Past the Media, and into the Community

Not only marketing the titles, but widening influence

One of the ACG-related clients’ favorite advertising platforms with 21.5 million-subscribers

With the rise of social media marketing, Muse’s Media Hub has begun operating its various social media platforms and network. The company now has a total of 11 different Facebook Pages, 9 Instagram accounts, 3 Weibo community accounts, 3 Twitter accounts, and a total of 12 YouTube channels. The subscription numbers hit 18 million in end  2021; and is expected to hit an estimated 20 million followers by the end of 2022. There are plans to establish interactive programs and livestreams on these platforms, with the purpose of introducing anime, animation news, or even focusing on anime merchandise. This will also better assist clients to better market and promote their products, creating an all-rounded service for them, and increasing business opportunities!  


Target Audience Demographics for Muse-YT in Asia

Considering the gender of Muse-YT, 76% of subscribers are males while females constitute 24%, and almost 70% of them are aged between 18 to 34.

男女asia 1

Advertisers or advertising agencies who want to advertise are welcomed to contact us, and we also welcome local agencies to contact us for being the exclusive agency of regional advertising!


Please leave your contact information: name, e-mail, line ID.  Please let us know in which way that you want to cooperate and your company’s website address.


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